X KOA 'Ghostboy'

It's been a long time since the last update but there's a lot coming up!

We're up to a nice even 50 designs which will trickle slowly onto this blog. Hopefully you'll be able to check them all out and grab one at a show soon!

Here's a first by the always dope KOA!!


  1. Sjors Trimbach said...

    Okay this is it! I want them!!
    Please let me know how to get some of these...  

  2. CROSSVILLE TOYS said...

    Hey Sjors, good to hear from ya and so sorry for the late comment. There's a message on the way to you!

    You can always reach me at info@thecrossvilleproject.com

    Hopefully the first 50 will be available at a show at either Singapore or Melbourne in a little while. If that takes too long, they'll most likely be available in blind-sale online (limited to 10, signed and numbered).  


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