X HUCK GEE 'El Carmesi'

Another very cool collaboration coming up with the always great HUCK GEE! As an exception he will take on a custom design of 'El Carmesi' which we talked about a long time ago.

Lets see how this one will turn out, I can't wait!


Hey all, Jon Burgerman is joining in on the fun and will be doing a custom design for 'Ghostboy'. DOPE!

I'll also take a crack at creating a papertoy modeled after one of his characters. Will keep you updated when there's progress!

And the new additions are...

A big list of people joining in this time around, time to play some catch-up!

On the worldwide front we have additions from Easy Hey, Kinkin, Chobopop, Nakanari, Steve Talkowski and Squink.

So far on the Singapore front there should be entries coming in from Mindflyer, Eeshaun, Pixelmunky, Momorobo, Mr.B, Fei, Seiji, Sheryo, Brick, Twisstii, ag, Starving Artists, Whitedogbobby, Bella, Hao and Thea.

It's starting to look like quite a few sleepless nights already..

X TADO 'Ghostboy'

TADO handed over their custom design for Ghostboy and I am one happy camper! Simply love the way it turned out. Thanks a lot Mike and Katie! Be sure to give them some props at their online home!

For a closer look, just CLICK ON THE PIC!

OK, better late than never but here's the last of the four (and the hardest one to build). The nipple is actually detachable in 2 pieces, a bit strange but fun nonetheless. Make sure to check out Phallic Mammary/Jen's work!

Crossville Toys created a series of custom toys in collaboration with 'PHALLIC MAMMARY' (so sorry Jen for the delays). They consist out of a series of 4 PM toys of her design as well as a custom design for Crossville's 'El Carmesi'.

Here are the first 3 from the 4 PM toys (phallic mammary, coctopus and squick), hopefully the last one will follow soon!


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