No Curves (Spain) and PIT (France) are both working on a 'GHOSTBOY' custom. Hopefully I'll be able to clear up some of the backlog while they do so. Keep at it.

The guys from ARTDENKA (Jpn) have just sent in their custom design, eyes everywhere! Hopefully I can start building it soon, keep you updated.

By the way, they have a new vinyl toy coming up named SKULLBOX. I'll drop a post on it over at the Croville D blog.

Baka Yaro 'EL CARMESI'.

The one of a kind custom 'EL CARMESI' done by myself. Indulged in a bit of overdetailing which was a lot of fun, but something I will most likely never, ever do again. Spent way too many sleepless nights constructing the bastard..


If all goes well, there should be a 'GHOSTBOY' X TADO custom design coming up in the next few weeks! Really looking forward to what Mike & Katie will come up with.

Keep you updated.

X Gaston Caba 'GHOSTBOY'.

The always whimsical and wonderful Gaston Caba came up with an updated design for my 'GHOSTBOY' model and I'm lovin it! Probably one of the most dope ones so far, it really works.

Check out his work!

X Jay Smith 'GHOSTBOY'.

The very cute 'GHOSTBOY' X Jay Smith. He does some very nice cartoonwork and animation. Check him out.

TADAN came up with a colorful custom 'GHOSTBOY' design. Look out for it to appear soon!

X Guillaumit 'GHOSTBOY'.

Here's the Guillaumit X 'GHOSTBOY', another design that works well as far as I'm concerned. Love the guy's artwork.

X Phoneticontrol 'GHOSTBOY'.

Here's Phoneti- control's design for 'GHOSTBOY' in his patented handpainted style. Great fun, good texture and a literally twisted head.

And he rises..

With some of the Crossville robots ready for the scrapheap.. their parts start taking on a life of their own, limbs sprouting left and right.. spirits arise!

Welcome ‘GHOSTBOY’, the first in a line of new ‘Ghosts in the Machine’ papertoys!

The original.

Here it is, the original first Crossville toy: 'EL CARMESI' together with it's 'WORKER' driver. look out for custom designs by amongst others PRODUCT HK and PHALLIC MAMMARY to be uploaded soon!


The number 2.

Here's the second main model of the bunch, one step behind 'EL CARMESI': the original design for 'SPARKPLUG' and it's 'WORKER' driver.

Be on the lookout for a custom X Eeshaun design to be posted here soon!

The safe box.

The second Crossville vehicle. Was created mainly to test out different shapes and construction after the sleaker and relatively simple 'BLUEJAY'. Named: 'HEDGEHOG'.

No customs made and no customs planned.

Up, up and away.

The first of the Crossville vehicles: 'BLUEJAY'. Collecting dust on a shelf back in Holland, but still a fond memory.


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