X YUCK 'Ghostboy'

Another French rockin design, this time by YUCK! Make sure you go check him out!

X SKWAK 'Ghostboy'

Great work as always from SKWAK, with nice rich colors on top of black. Check it out!

DOPE DOPE DOPE! A very special addition by the great JON BURGERMAN, one of the coolest and enthusiastic guys out there. We worked together on this one to make his Red Head character come alive! There will be a second design of his revealed in the upcoming show! Show him some LOVE!

Be on the look out for a couple of Burgerman exclusive one-offs after all this 'Ghostboy' madness!

X EASY HEY 'Ghostboy'

Joshua's partner in crime, and yet again a Frenchie, EASY HEY's custom design for 'Ghostboy'.

One of the most fun ones so far in my humble opinion! The yellow and green jump out!

It's becoming quite clear that the French are ruling the roost!

Here's the 'Ghostboy' design by Joshua/Delkographic. Zombie madness!

X SKOOLY DK 'Ghostboy'

Another French follow up, this time by Skooly DK from the ever cool Unchi Leisure Center. Lets see if we can get some other Unchi customs in as well!

X KOA 'Ghostboy'

It's been a long time since the last update but there's a lot coming up!

We're up to a nice even 50 designs which will trickle slowly onto this blog. Hopefully you'll be able to check them all out and grab one at a show soon!

Here's a first by the always dope KOA!!


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